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General Election Poem

Welcome to the 2015 general election,
where you think we have a selection,
mainly between David or Eds erection
and rightly with the exception, 
of Nick, who takes the mick,
with his student loan trick.

So the inflation falls,
with Mr Ed Balls,
who always stalls,
when Osborne calls.

So come vote listen and see,
which British political party,
Labour, Greens or the SNP
which will get the majority

Conservative, Lib Dems or UKIP,
Couldn't tell which one who to tip,
Cameron, Farage, Clegg and Milliband,
Who will be topped head of the land?

As for Nicola sturgeon,
She is a Scottish version,
at the end of the day, 
like England's Theresa may,
They will find a way, 
to try and decay,
the essence of the British way.

Out of all the constituencies,

Who has understood important policies?

When as people will we realise,
Probably 5 years after all their lies, 
The system is broke, This is not a joke, 
So as of my vote,  of which I revoke,
I suppress the note, of being an enslaved bloke.