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Conservative Key Issues

Reducing the deficit  
  1. The Conservatives are reducing the deficit to secure a stronger economy and a better future for Britain. 
  2. By taking difficult decisions, we've reduced the deficit by more than a third since 2010. We're safeguarding our economy for the long term so future generations aren't left to clear up the mess. 
  3. Dealing with the deficit is essential to keep mortgage rates low for hardworking families - helping them to be more financially secure. 
  4. Only by working through our long-term economic plan and continuing to reduce the deficit can we build a stronger, more competitive economy. 
  5. That's why we're taking difficult decisions now - because the alternative is to burden our children with more debt and put the recovery at risk. 
Cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty  
  1. The Conservatives are cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty, helping you and your family be more financially secure. 
  2. We're cutting income tax for over 25 million people, saving the typical taxpayer £705 a year. That means hardworking people keep more of the money they earn and are better able to provide for their families. 
  3. We've also cancelled Labour's planned fuel duty rises, helping small businesses and saving you £7 every time you fill up your car. A driver who fills up twice a week is saving £728 a year. 
  4. By cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty, we're making you and your family more financially secure. 
Creating more jobs  
  1. The Conservatives are helping create jobs so hardworking people can get on in life. 
  2. By backing small businesses and enterprise, we have helped create 1.7 million new jobs - that's more people taking home a pay packet each month and being able to provide for their families. 
  3. We are on the side of small businesses, and are helping them however we can: 
  1. Cutting the jobs tax - saving businesses up to £2,000 and enabling them to provide more jobs for hardworking people 
  2. Scrapping the jobs tax altogether for under 21s - so it's easier for businesses to give young people a start in life 
  3. Investing in better infrastructure, including roads, rail and broadband - so it's easier to reach customers  
  4. Cutting corporation tax - helping companies invest and grow 
  5. Getting rid of unnecessary red tape - freeing up businesses to concentrate on expansion