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Non Voters could be the majority in 2015

It is not a big surprise to find such big numbers of non voters, but why so many?

These millions of people are not having the wool pulled over their eyes by a particular party by fake promises.

There will be a time very soon, if politics in the UK carries on at the same pace when the minority of people will be making the laws and passing legislation that affects the majority.
Politicians that have no experience in a certain field changing the whole face of an industry. The Out Of Touch members of parliament, that blame their rival parties, instead of acting upon solutions, not just talking the talk.

People have had enough of the smoke screens and the decreasing quality of life they have in 2014.

The time will be coming for a revolution to enable the power of the people to actually mean something. Where fairness and equality is at the heart of the mission, not personal profit or popularity.

So i ask this question will these 15.9 million people continue to grow?

The answer will be a definite yes due to an imbalance in politics at present. People have just had enough.


People should not fear about there quality of life decreasing due to the system changing, because if the current rate of cuts and the ill thought out tax breaks and taxes on the vulnerable carry on, selling of all the nations assets to foreign countries that have wealth at a certain time, then the quality of life is guaranteed to decrease, so what is to lose?